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About Us

HWC Associates was born of frustration with the quality of writing in business.  Founder and President, D. Brian Krier, was dismayed at the poor quality of prose in any writing product from employees or contractors.  Most did not properly highlight or address the critical issues nor did they properly and clearly explain what was needed.  In short, they often missed the mark and had to be significantly revised or completely re-written.  Mr. Krier wanted better quality and asked his business contacts how they handled their writing communications.  The answers were identical:  everyone had the same problem with poor quality writing and communications.

Undaunted, Mr. Krier, who had an avid interest in writing, assembled a team of peole with both business and domain knowledge and good writing skills to tackle his company's business communications.  Soon, the team was working on his contacts' writing, and HWC Associates was born.

Since that time, the company has been addressing business writing and communications for many smaller and medium sized companies.  From business plans to sales letters to manuals to document systems, HWC Associates provides clear, concise, well-written, and very usable technical and business writing.